A photographic art that owns invention patents

Human eyes are just like a set of camera lenses, as they can capture all the "real" natural phenomena that occur in a second, which will be kept in memory. The origin of photography lies in the intention of wanting to keep that phenomenon alive for later appreciation. 

The word "photography" is a combination of two Greek roots, literally meaning "drawing with light." In Japanese, it is known as "Shashin" The main reason for inventing photographic technology was to transfer all the real phenomena that are witnessed by our eyes, which are referred to as the "theme," in various types of "media" for further preservation. 

Yet the "camera" is not equivalent to "photography," as images can be captured by other media materials or techniques instead of a camera. Image creation is a pursuit of the beauty in simplicity. For that reason, Agapicture creates his pictorial photography by utilizing a camera and a wide variety of creative art ideas in an unaffected way. 

His camera shutter clicked repeatedly, capturing the precious moments of light and thus drawing the passing of time. In a sense, "light" is "life," and is a key element of photography. His own unique style has been born of reflections on art creation in a long career, and invites the audience to engage in a dialogue with the artist. This has very little to do with photographic skills or the form of expression.

The six characteristics of metal photo prints

1. It is printed on an aluminum plate using digital laser engraving techniques.It does not use an ink jet printer.
2. It can be seen as both an art of printmaking and contemporary photography art.
3. It is a new expression of achromatic photographic aesthetics of the future.
4. As based on an original, it provides high quality and will be a worthy item for collection.
5. It is an art creation with style and recognizable features.
6. It is a photographic art that owns invention patents.