Creation makes my life more interesting

"Everything begins from nothing. Let's talk about color from the achromatic black, gray and white." Although color helps express feelings, temperature and atmosphere, it is also a distraction. 

The achromatic colors, on the other hand, have the visual advantage of drawing attention to the content itself. The attention is thus fully shifted to the message to be conveyed. He skillfully applied the achromatic technique to showcase the multifaceted nature of an image. 

Being inquisitive and innovative, he has justified the unique charm of his works with his renditions through characteristics of the achromatic. The achromatic colors display strong contrast against each other. 

Diverse implementation of styles and techniques can create different layers of depth and arouse curiosity. 

A uniquely simplified visual language of its own has come into being. The world of "colorless" is constructed only through light in order to return the essence of "being" to everything.